Data Breaches
Are More Common Than Ever


Publicly disclosed data breaches happened in 2022 (CSHUB)

108.9 Million

Accounts were breached just in the 3rd quarter of 2022 (Infosecurity Magazine)

$4.62 Million

Is the total average cost of a data breach (Varonis)

Detect Data Breaches in Real Time With Breachsense

  • Track open, deep, and dark web sources such as Tor websites, private ransomware IRC and Telegram channels, criminal forums, and cybercrime marketplaces.
  • Continuous monitoring enables your team to uncover data breaches related to your VIPs, executive team members, employees as well as clients.
  • Find exposed user & employee credentials, ransomware leaks as well as exposed company data being sold or traded on criminal marketplaces and private ransomware forums.
Detect Data Breaches in Real Time With Breachsense

Prevent Cybercrime Before It Happens

Breachsense continuously monitors the internet for sensitive company information such as account credentials, employee details, leaked company data, session tokens, 3rd party data leaks, and more. When relevant information is identified, we notify your security team, allowing you to respond instantly and prevent potential cybercrime.

Prevent Fraudulent Purchases

Mitigate Malware-Stolen Credentials

Shut Down Compromised Systems

Implement Additional Security Measures

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Potential Effects of a Data Breach on Your Organization

Loss of Customer Trust.

A data breach can cause up to 65% of your customers to lose trust in your organization (BusinessToday).

Significant Financial Losses.

The average cost of a data breach is around $4.62 million (Varonis).

Fines & Fees.

Different regulatory agencies can impose certain fines depending on the reasons for the data breach.

Breachsense Is Perfect For

Penetration Testers

Red Teams

Enterprise Security Teams

Incident Response Analysts

M&A Research

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data breach monitoring?

Data breach monitoring is the process of monitoring the open, dark, and deep web to uncover data breaches within your organization. Continuous data breach monitoring ensures that if a data breach does occur, your security team will be able to respond immediately.

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MORE INFO: What is data breach monitoring?

Why is data breach monitoring important?

A data breach can lead to significant financial losses and decreased consumer trust in an organization. The average cost of a data breach is around $4.62 million (Varonis), and studies show that a data breach can cause 65% of customers to lose trust in an organization. As such, it’s very important for organizations to monitor for data breaches and, in case of a breach, react decisively.

What are the common causes of data breaches?

The most common causes of data breaches are weak and stolen credentials, backdoors, social engineering, malware, and unpatched applications, amongst other things.

MORE INFO: The most common causes of data breaches.

How does Breachsense help prevent data breaches?

Breachsense continuously monitors the open, deep, and dark web for potential data breaches within an organization. Your security team is notified the moment there is a breach, allowing you to react in real time, preventing fraudulent purchases, account takeovers, and more.

How common are data breaches?

Data breaches these days are quite common. According to the Thales Data Threat report, around 45% of US companies suffered a data breach in 2021.