Stop Cybercrime Before It Happens

FACT: 86% of breaches involve the use of stolen usernames & passwords. With the unprecedented surge in cybercrime, firewalls, WAFs and EDR solutions are no longer enough.

To protect your business, you need access to the same data criminals already know about your company, your clients and your software suppliers and you need to get it before they can have a chance to exploit it.

Breachsense helps you monitor for data breaches in real-time so you can react before any damage is done.

What is Breachsense

Breachsense monitors and indexes the dark web for leaked credentials, session tokens, company data and upcoming attacks. We send you alerts for any relevant leaked data to mitigate the risk before it’s exploited. Alternatively, our data is extremely useful in pen testing engagements, incident response investigations, pre-sales presentations and M&A risk assessment processes.

By detecting data breaches in real time, you can mitigate the risk and prevent cyberattacks before they happen.

Prevent Fraudulent Purchases

Mitigate Malware-Stolen Credentials

Shut Down Compromised Systems

Power Incident Response Investigations

How It Works:

  • Breachsense tracks all layers of the darknet continuously, including Tor websites, private IRC and Telegram channels, ransomware threat actors, cybercrime communities and forums, and more.
  • The curated data is then enriched with context, hashed passwords are cracked to plaintext and multiple search paths are indexed.
  • Configure a list of assets you want to be notified about. Assets can be email addresses, domain names, IP addresses or hardware IDs. Notifications are sent via web hook or email.
  • Query the API endpoints to receive all of the historical data known about a given asset.
  • Automate remediation by integrating our API driven platform into your defense framework.
How It Works:

Why is data breach monitoring so critical?

Avoid Losing Customers’ Trust

A data breach can cause up to 65% of your customers to lose trust in your organization (BusinessToday).

Prevent Significant Financial Loss

The average cost of a data breach is around $4.62 million (Varonis).

Avoid Fines & Fees

Different regulatory agencies can impose certain fines depending on the reasons for the data breach.

Breachsense is Trusted by Great Companies
from All Over the World

Enterprise Security Teams

Penetration Testers

Red Teams

Managed Service Providers

Incident Response Investigations