Prevent Cybercrime

Based on the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the overwhelming majority of hacking related breaches involve compromised or weak passwords. We enable companies to reset these stolen credentials before criminals exploit them.

Breachsense was founded in 2018 after spending nearly two decades providing penetration testing and red teaming services to financial and government clients all over the world. Based on the realization that publicly available breached credentials (usernames and passwords) allowed us to penetrate otherwise secured networks, the idea behind Breachsense was born.

The average person uses the same password across four different accounts. This means that even if your organization is properly locked down, many of your users' credentials have been disclosed elsewhere. Instead of reacting after an attack occurs, Breachsense enables you to proactively defend your users who have had their passwords compromised. Breachsense alerts you in real-time when your user’s credentials appear in 3rd party data breaches.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help prevent account fraud. For our enterprise clients we do that by providing real time notification when staff appear in third party breaches. This allows them to verify if the same password is used within the organization in order to force a password update accordingly. Verified security consultants and managed security providers can use Breachsense to help protect their clients by gaining visibility into their leaked credentials. Pen Testers and Red Teams can leverage the data to escalate privileges during engagements as well.

In order to reduce false positives, Breachsense cracks hashed passwords where possible. This enables you to verify the actual risk involved, based on whether the password is still in use or not. In addition, verified security providers can access third party data without requiring their clients to make DNS or HTTP changes. The API provides flexible integration that works with virtually any application, SIEM or browser. With over 30 billion breached credentials and growing, let our offense become your defense.