Prevent attacks with actionable threat intel

Automate Detection & Response

Integrate our API endpoints within your SOC workflows to automatically reset compromised employee and customer credentials.

Highly Actionable Alerts

Prevent alert fatigue with high fidelity alerts that shows every instance or application where a leaked credential was used.

Go beyond leaked credentials

Gain visiblity into leaked company data, session tokens that bypass 2FA, 3rd party breaches and even upcoming attacks.

Protect your business from leaked company data

  • Breachsense tracks all layers of the darknet continuously, including Tor websites, private IRC and Telegram channels, ransomware threat actors, cybercrime communities and forums, and more.
  • The curated data is then enriched with context, hashed passwords are cracked to plaintext and multiple search paths are indexed.
  • Configure a list of assets you want to be notified about. Assets can be email addresses, domain names, IP addresses or hardware IDs. Notifications are sent via web hook or email.
  • Query the API endpoints to receive all of the historical data known about a given asset.
  • Leverage the plaintext credentials to escalate privileges during engagements.
API output in JSON format.

Data breaches are more common than ever


Publicly disclosed data breaches happened in 2022 (CSHUB)

108.9 Million

Accounts were breached just in the 3rd quarter of 2022 (Infosecurity Magazine)

$4.62 Million

Is the total average cost of a data breach (Varonis)

Prevent Cybercrime Before It Happens

Breachsense continuously monitors the internet for leaked sensitive company data such as account credentials, employee details, leaked company records, session tokens, 3rd party data leaks, and more. When relevant information is identified, we notify your security team, enabling you to mitigate the risk immediately.

Mitigate Malware-Stolen Credentials

Shut Down Compromised Systems

Prevent Fraudulent Purchases

Implement Additional Security Measures