Provide broad protection for both you and your customers with actionable alerts

The single most powerful sales tool in business

Don’t just tell companies they’re at risk from the dark web, show them live data. Share real-time data and plaintext passwords with customers and prospects to make a strong impression and close sales fast.

Generate ROI quickly

Breachsense can be easily integrated into your solutions portfolio with no additional hardware investments. Leverage clients’ leaked data to increase revenue for additional services like resetting credentials and introducing new solutions that further protect their brand.

MSPs trust Breachsense for a reason

Breachsense delivers actionable intelligence that empowers MSPs to protect their customers from data breaches. Utilize the platform for pre-sales to demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourselves from the competition.

Protect your clients from leaked company data

  • Breachsense tracks all layers of the darknet continuously, including Tor websites, private IRC and Telegram channels, ransomware threat actors, cybercrime communities and forums, and more.
  • The curated data is then enriched with context, hashed passwords are cracked to plaintext and multiple search paths are indexed.
  • For managed services, configure a list of assets to be notified about. Assets can be email addresses, domain names, IP addresses or hardware IDs. Notifications are sent via web hook or email.
  • For pre-sales, query the API endpoints to receive all of the historical data known about a given asset.
  • Verify the actual risk by testing plaintext credentials then forcing a password reset in Active Directory.
API output in JSON format.

Be a superhero by resetting leaked credentials before they’re exploited.